Old Helmshore 3

The images on this page are published with the kind permission of Peter Fisher.

St.Thomas’s Bazarr 1899(Peter Fisher)
Musbury School’s end of the Boer War celebrations 1902 ( Peter Fisher)
Musbury Ladies 1910(Peter Fisher)
10 Piccadilly Street ( Peter Fisher)
Flaxmoss in the bleak mid winter.with proper snowdrifts!(Peter Fisher)
Flaxmoss House before the housing developments.
St.Thomas Musbury Parish Church and Musbury Tor.
St Thomas’s Church painting.
Musbury Festival Parade.(Date unknown)
Helmshore Bus 1924.
An earlier attempt at linking Haslingden and Helmshore by bus in 1908,had resulted in a loss of over £200 in the first 6 months of operation.Helmshore residents had also complained about the amount of dust the vehicle raised.
Bridge End Hotel,now known as The Cotton House.