Helmshore Textile Museum

Helmshore Textile Museum

The Middle Mill was the scene of rioting in 1826 as part of the Cotton Riots.The riots started in protest at the introduction of power looms,replacing the labour intensive hand operated looms. Some 106 looms were destroyed with the iron frames being shattered and the leather drive belts severed.

Higher Mill rioting.
A sketch depicting the rioters at Higher Mill, owner William Turner is seen on horseback whilst Mary Hindle is also shown as another’bystander’snips a piece of clothing as evidence of her being at the riot. She was later found guilty and transported to Australia for penal servitude.
The mill museum before renovation.
Kissing the shuttle was a method of sucking the thread through the shuttles eye.This was later banned due to the fact that the mineral oils on the thread caused cases of mouth cancer.
Factory rules.

As well as being a world famous textile museum,the site has also been the location for the filming of historical films and T.V. One example was the filming in November 1997 of an episode of the Sean Bean series Sharpe.

The star was very popular with the staff of Air Tours and spent time with some of the onlookers.He received criticism in the local press for charging a fee for his autograph.It was later found that this was to raise money for charity.

The museum is also the venue for classic car meetings.

Lagonda car

Enthusiast travel from near and far to attend the meetings.

A view of the Higher Mill Viaduct.