View of the reservoirs with Holden Wood Antiques(St.Stephen’s in the foreground.)
Calf Hey reservoir. The area provides an easily managed walking area around the reservoir.
Autumn’s colours begin to show.
St.Stephens Nursery class including my wife’s Grandmother as a child.
Holden Holden’s grave Grane cemetery.( Peter Fisher)
Reservoir navvies outside their lodgings.
The reservoirs are a haven for waterfowl.

Grane Village.

In 1859,Calf Hey Reservoir was constructed,to supply water to Bury. Completed in 1861 at a cost of £12,000,this was followed by Ogden Reservoir in 1912. Beneath the reservoir’s waters lie the remains of Broad Holden and Calf Hey mills.

By the 1920’s the village was practically deserted and with the lack of employment opportunities, families had left to seek other ways to earn a living.

The Grane valley had been a home to cottage weavers ,farm workers and Quarrymen. Over 1,300 people inhabited the village and the scattered farms on the hillside,the community had three mills,school, church ,chapel and a pub.

Eventually the completion of the three reservoirs and the subsequent need for a clean water catchment area brought about the end of village life.

Ruined Farm on the moors.(Peter Fisher)
Part of Grane village before the abandonment.
Bentley House
Grane Quarrymen
Grane Quarrymen.The sandstone quarried was in demand for flagging and balast.Parts of London were paved using it. More locally, Lytham St.Annes also used the building materials provided.
Ancient shaped hand tools found in the Grane area.(Peter Fisher)
Two photographs showing Bury Waterboard and their families on the annual inspection of the reservoirs.
(Peter Fisher)
A tranquil setting in Autumn.
By kind permission of David Hartley.
A photo from 1900 showing David’s Gt. Uncle Fred on the horse, his uncle Henry Entwistle in top hat and an unknown chap who left the workhouse at 14 to live and work with David’s Great Grandad James Hartley, Grane area.
By kind permission of David Hartley.
This photo shows James and Margaret Hartley(nee Entwistle),with Fred Hartley and baby Isabella C.1900.
By kind permission of David Hartley.
Alden Farm 1930 .
Left -right.James Jackson,Lizzie Sandham,Mrs.Sandham,Mr.Sandham,James Jackson was David Hartley’s Grandma Jane Ellen Hartley’s brother.
David Hartley’s Great Grandma Margaret Hartley(nee Entwistle) in a studio portrait date unknown.